FDI in NC: Credit Suisse 1,200 jobs in the Research Triangle Park

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Credit Suisse, a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company, announced in May that it will be expanding and adding 1,200 jobs in the Research Triangle Park. The company currently employs 1,500 employees in the Triangle and will invest $70.5 million in a new building on the RTP campus.

Brooks Raiford, president and CEO of the N.C. Technology Association, said Credit Suisse’s plans cement the Triangle’s status as a “growth hub for firms that aren’t based here.”

He also said that Credit Suisse’s ambitious plans make “a strong statement” that the corporate sector’s concerns about HB2 have been addressed to the point that companies are willing to move forward with expansion projects in North Carolina.

“They had anywhere in the world they could expand,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “They chose Research Triangle Park.”