Glen Raven Secures a State One NC Grant and Announces $82 Million Expansion in Warren County

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Glen Raven, Inc. Custom Fabrics, LLC, has announced its plan to expand its Norlina plant in Warren County, NC. The expansion will create 205 new jobs, anticipated to be approximately $6.5 million in annual salaries, with an average salary of $31,710; this exceeds the median income for Warren County. The capital investment is $82,000,000 ($58,000,000 in real property and $24,000,000 in personal property). 

“Glen Raven has been an indispensable fixture of our business community for thirty-seven years. To take part in the company’s realization of their strategic growth doesn’t just feel good; it feels right,” stated Charla Duncan, Warren County Community & Economic Development Director, who commented that as a native of Warren County, she hasn’t known a day of her life that Glen Raven hasn’t supported working families in the region.

“As a halo county of the Triangle, we look very different than our urban and more populous neighbors, and we’re ok with that because we know that Warren County, too, can be a place for sustainability, growth, and vitality. It’s our goal to be a part of the Glen Raven family as well, knowing that in turn, we are also supporting our families here in the community.”  

Governor Roy Cooper announced on Wednesday, July 21st, that a performance-based grant of $1,000,000 from the One North Carolina Fund will help facilitate this expansion. 

The Warren County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve a local incentive package to compete for the expansion of this existing Warren County industry.

The total local incentive package offered to Glen Raven includes 10 annual performance-based grants equaling 60% of the paid tax liability for the year and a fee waiver of up to $150,000 in county building and inspection fees. The grant will not be issued until the year’s property taxes have been paid. 

“With the devotion and commitment of the County Commissioners, coupled with the hard work of our staff, we were able to secure this much needed economic growth,” stated Tare “T” Davis, Chairman of the Warren County Board of Commissioners. “This expansion speaks to what the citizens have been asking to happen in Warren County- good paying jobs and good opportunity for people to advance. We look forward to a continued partnership with Glen Raven.”

“Glen Raven has been an anchor in our local, regional, and state business community for decades. We are thrilled that they have called Warren County home for so long and that they believe our community can help in the growth of their company,” said Victor Hunt, Vice Chair of the Warren County Board of Commissioners and member of the Economic Development Commission board. 

Glen Raven, a 2020 Governor’s Export Award Winner (NC), is a global company headquartered in North Carolina, recognized by the state for being a Top Large Business Exporter. Founded in 1880, Glen Raven is a provider of performance fabrics with sales in more than 120 countries. The Glen Raven Norlina Plant, which commenced operations in 1984, produces the synthetic yarn used in the performance fabrics, including their well-known flagship Sunbrella brand of performance fabrics. 

“This project is a trajectory changer for Warren County. Glen Raven has recognized the value in Warren County, the workforce we can attract, and how that will positively impact their bottom line,” commented County Manager Vincent Jones. “I have to commend our Board of Commissioners for pushing us as County staff for results, as well as our Warren County team that helped us through this economic development process, especially our Community & Economic Development Director, Charla Duncan, who led our efforts.”  

Glen Raven plans to renovate the existing building, constructed in 1970, as well as add new buildings and new equipment. 

“We know there is value and opportunity here in Warren County, and we are thankful for this level of investment,” said Jones.

For more information, contact the Warren County Community & Economic Development Director at 252-257-3114 or by emailing Charla Duncan at