Grifols begins accepting plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients

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Grifols is now accepting plasma from volunteer donors who have recovered from the COVID-19 virus at its Raleigh area locations.

The Spain-based healthcare giant focuses on development and production of medicines based on plasma. The plasma could lead to a treatment for COVID-19. Grifols is working with the US Food and Drug Administration and other agencies.

Grifols said it would produce “yyperimmune globulins” which are plasma-derived medicines for treatment of severe acute infections.

“Through the concentration of antibodies from plasma collected from recovered COVID-19 individuals, the hyperimmune globulin can offer precise and consistent dosing with high purity, high potency and a strong safety profile that may help current patients’ immune systems respond to the infection,” Grifols said in the announcement.

Grifols has built a facility in Johnston County for the production of immune globulins.

“For individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, donating plasma at one of Grifols’ donor centers to produce a potential treatment for the disease is a way they can help make a difference during this exceptional time,” said Dr. Marilyn Rosa-Bray, Grifols’ Chief Medical Officer, in a statement. “This hyperimmune globulin would offer treating physicians a predictable and consistent dosing of the antibody against the virus that causes COVID-19.”


From Grifols:

“Recovered COVID-19 individuals interested in donating should call 1-866-END-CV19 where trained Grifols specialists will prescreen potential donors and direct them to their local Grifols plasma donor center. Interested donors must have a diagnosis made with a test (nasal swab or blood) and complete resolution of COVID-19 symptoms at least 28 days prior to donation, or complete resolution of symptoms at least 14 days prior to donation along with a negative molecular test for COVID-19, as well as meet our routine eligibility criteria for normal source plasma donation.”

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Original Article Source: WRAL TechWire