Infosys Partners with NC State to Develop Future Data Science Workforce

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Infosys has entered into a three-year collaboration with NC State University to prepare the workforce of the future in data science by advancing employee education and skills development.

Infosys will work alongside expert faculty at NC State who will provide training in foundational data science skills such as statistics, data visualization, machine learning and programming in Python. Over the next three years, at least 150 new Infosys employees are expected to participate in the joint program which launched last month on NC State’s Centennial Campus.

Infosys operates the world’s largest corporate training facilities, with more than 200 classrooms and more than 300 full-time educators in several campuses globally. By partnering with NC State University, Infosys is able to leverage an elite research institution whose data science programs are among the best in the world. This multi-year collaboration will enable the company to provide employees with lifelong learning opportunities, help shrink the IT skills gap and provide clients with fresh ideas that will keep them at the forefront of innovation.

The training program is part of NC State Executive Education, which provides custom-designed solutions for companies to develop new skills across disciplines and business segments. Over the past five years, NC State Executive Education has offered customized data science training to more than a thousand professionals, preparing leaders to improve data-driven decision-making in their organizations.

Infosys employees will learn from NC State faculty in statistics and computer science through an experiential learning framework. Each cohort of 25 employees will participate in six weeks of full-time training. The program enables new employees to develop advanced capabilities and promptly transition into roles at Infosys.

Infosys also opened its North Carolina Technology and Innovation Hub in Raleigh in August 2018, with plans to hire 2,000 American workers there by 2021. The Hub is focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data and advanced analytics, cloud and big data.

Source: Infosys

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