North Carolina lands on list of top 10 states for doing business

Date Published:

By Kelsey Sunderland and Margaret Moffett 

September 26, 2018

North Carolina is the No. 6 state in the nation when it comes to doing business, according to Area Development magazine.

The state ranked 8th last year.

The magazine ranked North Carolina had the second most competitive labor environment; the third most cooperative and responsive state government; and the fifth best shovel-ready sites.

It also said that North Carolina and five other Southern states are so advanced in the area of workforce development that they’re “beginning to run away from the pack in this category, and given their collective history, it would be particularly costly for a new state to catch up to these current levels of performance.”

“North Carolina is well-known for its Tier 1 research universities, but also has some of the nation’s most comprehensive technical and advanced vocational programs,” the magazine said.

Article Source: Triangle Business Journal