Smashing Boxes will open coworking space, Durham Bottling Company, inside office

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by Jason Parker

Smashing Boxes will maintain a hybrid working model, granting its employees autonomy as its general policy, a decision that now enables CEO Nick Jordan to reimagine the company’s renovated warehouse space.

Instead of housing Smashing Boxes employees, Jordan today announced the Durham Bottling Company, which will be a coworking community and event provider, with memberships starting at $99 per month.

A limited number of private offices will be available, as well, with a listed price of $949 per month, according to the website.

“In general, demand for local, authentic community based coworking concepts are needed,” said Jordan in an interview with WRAL TechWire.

“WeWork and the other large corporate players provide the commodity, fractional usage of space on flexible contracts for individuals and small teams,” he said.  “The need is for the value add which is to create and cultivate a network and our community in addition to the commodity offering. This is really best done with local operators,” he concluded.

But even Jordan isn’t sure whether there’s current demand, though he wants to find out.  The Durham Bottling Company opened a waitlist and will host open house events on Thursdays through the summer, which started last week.

“Our building is 16,000+ square feet and can be sliced and diced a few different ways so we know there is demand for some amount, we just don’t know if it will fill up 5%, 50%, or more of the space,” said Jordan.  “COVID and what it’s done to the workforce is still evolving so we will continue to be flexible.”

Jordan confirmed that there are already tenants in place.  “This is a great opportunity to build out another operating business that also helps the community,” he said.

Original Source: WRAL TechWire