Study: Believe or not, Triangle has third best commute in top 50 US metros

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Private sector and government officials are in the process of designing a new “FAST” regional transit network for the Triangle region but a new study says RTP area commuters already have one of the best commutes in the US.

No. 3, in fact, says Teletrac Navman, a provider of fleet management and other transportation related software and services.

While Triangle commuters – at least in the days before COVID-19 led to a dramatic easing of traffic conditions with many people working at home or having lost jobs – might have a difficult time believing traffic really isn’t that bad (in context), Teletrac Navman says the data it studied means the region ranks well in terms of time spent commuting, traffic fatalities, and time lost to driving to and from work.

Only Salt Lake City and Las Vegas had better scores than Raleigh-Durham in the study which measured the top 50 metro areas across the country based on a variety of metrics.

Charlotte, meanwhile, ranked 22nd.

Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Los Angeles finished 1-2-3 in terms of the worst commutes.

A lower score means a better commute in the study. The Triangle scored an 83. Washington scored a 348.

“Using reports and research from various 3rd party agencies, companies and non-profit organizations – including the US Census and the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) – we ranked these cities by applying a ranking score to each of the seven key factors which were compiled into a cumulative score, which we call the Teletrac Navman Commute Index,” the company says.

“The higher the cumulative score indicates the worst the commute in said city.”

By the way, the Triangle’s Regional Transportation Alliance will discuss the FAST (Freeway And Street-based Transit) plan at an event on Aug. 4, focusing on preliminary results of a study about the concept and initial findings about a Zero Fare transit pilot expansion study.

The following infographic breaks down the study’s findings and its methodology:

Teltrac Novman graphic

Original Article Source: WRAL TechWire