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In an exclusive interview with WRAL TechWire, Durham Bottling Co.’s founder Nick Jordan, and Community Manager Irene (Hui) Bowditch, discuss their shared focus on community.

The startup launched operations last year.

“Our ideal members not only want to do well in their small business, freelance career, startup venture, etcetera,” said Jordan and Bowditch in a joint interview. “They also want to see a robust, diverse, and thriving community here in our building, our city, and our region.”

A lightly edited transcript of the interview with Jordan and Bowditch appears below.

  • WRAL TechWire (TW): You mentioned that Durham Bottling Co. is unique because of its focus on community—what else makes the hub unique?

Nick Jordan and Irene (Hui) Bowditch (Jordan & Bowditch): Our hub is unique in that we are a community-focused space. This means we are not just tech, and our focus is not solely on scaling venture-backed startups. Having this focus informs everything from our partnerships, to the members we attract to the programming we put on. 

  • TW: What are you seeing in terms of demand?

Jordan & Bowditch: Our opinion is that we are in the early stages of seeing an explosion of hubs. Things have changed big time since COVID hit with regards to the great awakening as to how people want to work and where they want to work. Likewise, the CRE industry (commercial real estate) is opening its eyes to this type of offering as an explosively growing category.  

  • TW: Where is demand strongest? 

Jordan & Bowditch: Furnished private offices ranging from single person up to 3-4 person offices are in very high demand. Second to that is meeting and training space for full-day or multi-day work gatherings. Third most popular is our part-time membership, which is 10 days per month of coworking. This is for the massive amount of people who are ready to stop looking at their spare bedroom wall after two years of being fully remote. 

We’ve also found that it is about a 50/50 split between local individuals and those relocating to the area. 

  • TW: Are there plans for expansion? 

Jordan & Bowditch: YES! We are expanding organically throughout our facility, going from 9,000 sq ft to 12,000 sq ft currently. We are also in the process of working on additional facilities throughout the region to expand our overall mission and our brand. 

  • TW: What services do you offer at DBCo.? 

Jordan & Bowditch: Our goal for our entrepreneurial members is to make available amazing content and education that is accessible to everyone in our community. From our experience, there is a large gap in the market when it comes to access to resources for companies and entrepreneurs who are not in the venture-backed or high-growth potential categories in the traditional sense. To this end, we hold a variety of programming, ranging from expert-led lunch ‘n learns, monthly breakfast and networking events, mental health and wellness days, to happy hours that highlight local artisans. 

  • TW: Do you have any programs that focus on women entrepreneurs, minority-owned businesses, or veteran-owned businesses?  

Jordan & Bowditch: Our primary goal is to create a welcoming, safe and accessible space for all.  Additionally, through our partnerships with incredible local non profits, we have several noteworthy programs. 

  • Launch Durham is a program run by The Helius Foundation, that helps community based businesses as well as necessity driven entrepreneurs gain the tools and knowledge they need to be successful. 
  • The Scholars Program is a 12-week cohort run by Durham Success Summit out of DBCo that focuses on teaching life and career skills to Black Males 18-24. While not focused solely on entrepreneurship, this is excellent programming that is accessible at DBCo for the Scholars as well as mentorship opportunities for others in the community. 
  • TW: How have you received support? From local, state, and/or federal government? From corporations? From grant programs? 

Jordan & Bowditch: We are entirely bootstrapped and self funded.

  • TW: What is your founder’s philosophy about helping startups and small/emerging companies to grow? 

Jordan: One of my earlier companies, Smashing Boxes, originally started out in a flex space and had an incredible experience. Now, as the owner of Durham Bottling Co, we know that we have the important work to do in order to see small and emerging businesses thrive. Our role is to be a platform, a space, a conduit, a spark, and often times a cheerleader. It has been fun seeing both sides of the equation as leader of small/emerging companies as well as running the space.  

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Name: Durham Bottling Co. (DBCo.)

Address: 506 Ramseur St, Durham, NC 27701

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/durhambottlingco/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/durham-bottling-co

Email: info@durhambottling.com  

Website: https://durhambottling.com/

Owner: Nick Jordan

Mission statement: DBCo. is committed to a mission of inclusivity, consideration, accessibility, diversity, compassion, empathy, and respecting the neighborhoods and communities of our city and region. We hope to build a membership and an impact that values the very same.


  • Part Time Membership ($125 – 10 days per month)
  • Full Time Membership ($225 – 24/7 Access)
  • 2 Person Office 100SF ($1200/month)
  • 1 Person Office 40SF ($500/month)
  • 2-3 Person Office 80SF ($800/month)
  • 3-4 Person Office 150 sq/ft ($1200/mo)

Original Article Source: WRAL TechWire

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