Who has fastest internet access? Raleigh ranks No. 9, Durham No. 10, study says

Date Published:

by WRAL TechWire — June 4, 2021

Raleigh and Durham metros both crack the top 10 in the US when it comes to the fastest internet service, according to a new survey.

Who are the fastest providers?

Google Fiber tops the list in Raleigh while AT&T wins the speed contest in Durham.

So says research firm Ookla which regularly tests broadband access and speeds on a global basis.

Key factors in the rankings:

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  • Median download speed in megabits per second
  • Median upload speed in mbps
  • Median latency in miliseconds

So here’s how Raleigh’s speed test scored:

  • Download: 156.43
  • Uploard: 22.56
  • Latency: 14
  • Fastest provider: Google Fiber at 193

Here’s the breakdown for Durham:

  • Download: 153.85
  • Upload: 19.05
  • Latency: 14
  • Fastest provider: AT&T at 193.3

Original Source: WRAL TechWire