Why Major Food Brands Are Eating Up This “Farm-to-Fork” Tracking Platform

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Today’s eaters are pickier about their food than ever before — but it’s less about how the meal on their plate tastes, and more about where it came from and what it contains. Consumers are increasingly seeking more information from food manufacturers and producers, with almost half of consumers reporting they don’t know enough about a product from its label, and two-thirds saying that the brand should be communicating more information.

To capture back their customers’ loyalty, food companies are trying to increase transparency, providing more insight into where they source their ingredients, how they travel to their destinations, and how they’re put together. One Durham-based company is helping them do that.

“Food companies are embracing global standards to increase efficiencies and build a foundation for traceability and supply chain visibility,” says FoodLogiQ’s CMO Katy Jones. “Food traceability promises more data at every step of the supply chain, allowing food business to identify potential hazards and mitigate risks of compromised product.”

“As customers and consumers gain more visibility into the source of their food, greater accountability will be a natural result, and that means safer food for everyone.”

FoodLogiQ’s supply chain software allows suppliers and farmers to provide details about things like how the food is grown, whether and what pesticides are used, and how the product is shipped.

With 7,000 registered businesses in over 100 countries, and clients like Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Amazon-owned Whole Foods, the company is growing quickly. Last week they announced a $19.5 million funding round to accelerate that expansion.

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