Wilson startup Service Write raises nearly $4M from 3 investors

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Wilson-based Service Write, Inc., has raised nearly $4 million from three investors, according to a recent SEC filing.

The filing, signed by Harold R. Eason, designated as the company’s CFO, discloses an equity raise of $3,936,297 from three investors.

Some proceeds from the sale, estimated at $918,000, may be used as compensation to executive officers, directors, or promoters, the filing notes.

According to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s business registration office, Service Write’s CEO is Marcus Aman, who is listed as an executive officer and director on the SEC filing.

Aman is the CEO of ShyftAuto as well as the founder of Bayley, according to a LinkedIn profile, and was the subject of a recent feature story on WRAL TechWire that was published with support from one of WRAL TechWire’s partners, GigEast.

To establish ShyftAuto, Aman applied for and was selected for the RIoT Accelerator Program, a 12-week program hosted by and at GigEast in Wilson, in March 2020.  In order to participate in the program, Aman left his full-time job to build the company, which later that spring would go on to win an NC IDEA SEED Grant of $50,000.

WRAL TechWire has not confirmed whether there is a relationship between the business entity Service Write, Inc., which was formerly registered as Service Write, LLC, and ShyftAuto, as Aman did not respond to an inquiry from WRAL TechWire prior to this report.

Meet Bayley, ‘Alexa for automotive technicians’

Now, Aman has developed Bayley, which is described on Aman’s LinkedIn profile as “the world’s first IoT hardware/software solution for automotive repair.”

A prior WRAL TechWire report describes the technology as “Alexa for automotive technicians.”

The system works by tracking each event, in real time, for an automobile’s entire repair process, sorting each discrete job into specific order to optimize efficiency.  There’s also a built-in system that can provide analytics on technician effectiveness and efficiency while notifying technicians when equipment is available.

This technology led to the company being named a “Top 20” award recipient by Motor.com in 2021.  As of December, the company was anticipating moving its headquarters from GigEast to a location in downtown Wilson, a prior WRAL TechWire report noted.

WRAL TechWire has not confirmed whether there is a relationship between the business entity Service Write, Inc., and Bayley.

Original Article Source: WRAL TechWire