James Xu

James Xu

James Xu is a Paris native interning with the Research Triangle Regional Partnership for the 2019 spring and summer semesters. He is currently working on a Master of Sciences in International Marketing & Business Development from the SKEMA Business School.

He attended the Université Paris Descartes where he graduated with a 2 year’s diploma in business. His first internship was at Parfums Christian Dior as a salesman. At the time he was still unsure about his career path and had always wanted see the world. So, he decided to take a break in his studies and work in an English-speaking country where he could try new things, gain experience and improve his English. In order to challenge himself and get out of his comfort zone, he chose Australia over England. This way he wouldn’t be able to just take the next train to go back home as soon as things gets tough.

There, he worked as a door-to-door salesman and significantly improved his English and sales skills. Then, he joined AppCo Group, a marketing agency in Australia, and worked on a number of brands where he gained experience managing a small team, coaching, face to face sales and entrepreneurship skills.

While finishing his Bachelor degree in International relations in France, he took the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai, China as a marketing intern where he improved his mandarin skills and learned about the business climate in China.

Now earning a Master of Sciences in International Business Program with SKEMA, James has the opportunity to study at a different campus each semester around the world. Last semester he studied at the  SKEMA Business School located on Centennial Campus at NC State University. He is looking forward to spending more time in Raleigh and the Triangle Region and working with the partnership on various marketing initiatives with European and Asian countries.