Epic Games söker OK för framtida HQ i Cary Towne Center, inklusive hotell


Av Jason Parker

Epic Games is proposing a reimagination of the Cary Towne Center Mall, including a hotel and buildings up to 12 stories high, and the company took a formal step, filing a rezoning request with the Town of Cary.

The project, proposed in the rezoning request, is described as a “mixed use development with a heavy emphasis on office for a corporate headquarters.”

In its filing, Epic notes that the current structures on the property owned by an LLC known as CTCL Holdings, which sits on three parcels, are “emblematic of the outdated indoor mall concept” and the company describes the visual status of the mall as “blight.”  Epic also notes that its proposed rezoning request of the property would enable the company to relocate its business operations inside of the town limits.

If the rezoning request is approved, the company projects that the rezoning will place a “heavy slant towards office to focus more so on employment.”  In total, the company is proposing as much as 3.5 million square feet of office space, 75,000 square feed of other commercial space, and a 200-room hotel, along with buildings that could be as high as 12 stories.

Previously, in 2019, the Town of Cary approved a zoning change at the site.  At the time, the owners of the property, Turnbridge Equities and Denali Properties, had just bought the Cary Towne Center for $31.5 million and proposed developing a large mixed-use project with a mix of commercial and residential space that was going to be called Carolina Yards.

Epic Games acquired the property on Dec. 31, 2020, for $95 million.  Since the sale, Epic has closed the mall. The company previously stated that it plans to create a new corporate campus by 2024.

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