Design firm opens Raleigh office with plans to grow


A design firm with a history of work in the Triangle has picked Raleigh for its first office outside Boston and Baltimore.

Architectural design firm Ci Design has opened a regional office in Raleigh as it plans to grow its Triangle team in the years to come.

“Strategically this was the logical expansion region, since we have been working in Raleigh for 20 years and this new office will allow us to continue to provide unmatched client support,” said John Larsen, Ci Design president.

The company is currently operating a two-person team out of a Nest coworking space in downtown Raleigh as it seeks a permanent space with room for growth.

Ci Design has played a role in multiple local projects and is currently involved with developments in North Hills and Chapel Hill. In North Hills the company is working on Kane Realty’s development that will take the place of the JCPenney site. The proposal includes an underground parking deck and a mixed-use building with a maximum height of 12 stories. In all, nearly 1 million square feet of additional space could be added.

In Chapel Hill, the company is working with Trinsic Residential Group on the Aura, a 500,000-square-foot multi-family and mixed-use development.

Outside the region, the company has been involved with plans for a major mixed-use development in Wilmington known as CenterPoint.

Ci Design principal Chris Bauer says the company was in the middle of launching the Raleigh office when the pandemic hit, temporarily delaying the process.

“As the projects gear up and move along, we’re hoping to grow that office pretty quick,” Bauer said. “It’ll probably be at least a dozen people over the next year.”

Ci Design started in 2009 when its founders left a larger firm to start their own business.

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