Welcome to North Carolina's Research Triangle Region

Research Triangle Regional Partnership (RTRP) is an American economic development organization that markets the Triangle Region known worldwide as the home of the “Research Triangle Park,” the largest research park in the United States.

Strategically positioned halfway between Miami and New York, the Research Triangle Region conveniently connects businesses and residents to the U.S. market.

Our Counties

Map of member counties in the Research Triangle Region.

The Region at a Glance

2,000,000 Residents
7,000+ Companies
700+ International Companies
76 people move here daily

What Visitors Think About The Triangle Region

Acting as proud ambassadors, RTRP introduces companies and organizations to an area that offers incredible access to talent through 17 colleges and universities, a competitive cost of living, a strong and diverse economic climate, a supportive infrastructure, and quality of life we feel is second to none.

Our primary goal is to market the region to external audiences on why the Research Triangle Region is the best place to live and do business. Don’t just take it from us – hear what other’s have to say about the Triangle Region.

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Why Is It Called The 'Research Triangle'?

The Research Triangle gets its name from Research Triangle Park and three Tier 1 research universities—Duke University, North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill—located only minutes apart.

A regional map highlighting the three colleges which make up The Triangle of North Carolina. NC State in Raleigh, Duke in Durham, and UNC in Chapel Hill.

A Diverse Business Ecosystem

The Triangle Region has a diverse business ecosystem with over 7,000 companies across multiple industries including Agtech, Cleantech, Life Sciences, Advantaged Manufacturing and Technology.

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 3.17.23 PM

Regional Comparisons

Research Triangle Park

The Research Triangle is known globally as the home of the Research Triangle Park (RTP), the largest research park in North America located at the center of the region. Home to companies such as IBM, Syngenta, BASF, and Cisco, the park is a major contributor to the area’s economic growth, attracts talent from all over the world and helps create partnerships that fuel innovation.

  • 50,000 employees
  • 7,000 acres
  • 250+ companies
  • $300 million invested in research and development annually
A wide aerial view of RTP with various facilities below.

Educated Workforce

With 10 colleges and universities and 7 community colleges the Triangle Region is well-equipped to meet the needs of international businesses in diverse industries.

  • 176,000 students enrolled in higher education
  • 42,000 annually graduates
  • 47% of the region has a bachelors degree or higher
  • 4th highest concentration of PhDs in the country
  • 3,987 doctorate degrees awarded in 2017
NC State students in red graduation attire in mid-celebration! They are cheering and yelling in a crowd.

Come And Go With Ease

Centrally located between New York and Miami, the Research Triangle Region is easily accessible by Raleigh-Durham International Airport, six regional airports, two ports, and multiple interstates that span from Florida to New York and North Carolina to California.

RTAC Connectivitey Updated copy

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

  • 400+ daily flights
  • 65+ nonstop destinations
  • 7 international flights
    • Cancun, London, Montego Bay, Paris, Punta Cana, Toronto and Montreal
Delta RDU
Franklin County airport 5

Six Regional Airports

Three Major Interstate Highways

I95, I85 and I40 run across the region.

Freight train chugging along on a sunny afternoon.


Two of the nation’s largest rail operators, CSX and Norfolk Southern, provide rail freight service in the region.


The Port of Wilmington and the Port of Morehead City, are less than a three-hour drive from the region. Additionally, North Carolina sits in between Norfolk International Terminal in Virginia and the Port of Charleston in South Carolina.