Dominion Energy Announces New Energy Storage Project in Person County

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After months of discussion between Person County leaders and Dominion Energy, the
utility has selected a site for the construction of a natural gas storage facility, which will
boost reliability as well as economic benefits to the county. The proposed facility,
Moriah Energy Center, will be located on Helena Moriah Road.
Moriah Energy Center will liquify natural gas and store it for use during periods of
high demand where it will be delivered to customers through Dominion Energy’s
existing pipeline system.
“Throughout our conversations, Dominion Energy emphasized its commitment to
being a responsible and involved corporate citizen. I am excited about this public utility
project and the benefits it brings to our county and region, and I am grateful to
Dominion Energy for selecting this location in Person County. This is an excellent
example of property owners and industry leaders working together in a progressive
manner for the benefit of Person County,” said Gordon Powell, Chairman of the Board
of County Commissioners.
Dominion Energy says the Moriah Energy Center, which can store up to 25 million
gallons of natural gas in liquid form, is a critical reliability project to serve growing
demand with a customer base increasing nearly 2.5 percent a year. During construction
alone, related activities could bring more than $40 million in economic benefits to the
county and nearly $1 million in state and local tax benefits. Construction could begin as
early as next year.
“The leaders of Person County Economic Development actively seek to partner with
businesses that can grow and prosper and ultimately benefit this County. With
a proposed $400 million economic investment, Dominion Energy is bringing long-term
and short-term workers to our community, as well as a significant boost to our tax
base,” said Phillip Allen, Chairman of Person County Economic Development
Commission Board. “This project will ensure we have sufficient infrastructure for the
growing energy needs of our residents and businesses, especially at peak times. The
Economic Development Commission wishes to thank Dominion Energy for selecting
Person County for this project and thank the Person County stakeholders for their
Dominion Energy will take strategic actions to protect public safety and the
environment. Once operational, the Moriah Energy Center will be regulated at the state
and federal level by the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the Pipeline and
Energy Storage Project in Person County
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Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, an agency of the Department of
Transportation agency. Dominion Energy also agreed to hold a public meeting for the
community to learn more about the project by the end of the year.
“The Moriah Energy Center represents our commitment to energy reliability as the need
for natural gas increases in the region. It’s also an opportunity to significantly increase
our presence in Person County and provide an economic boost to the area,” said Rusty
Harris, Vice President and General Manager of Dominion Energy’s natural gas business
in North Carolina. “We appreciate the County’s input to help us select a site that
minimizes community and environmental impacts.”
Dominion Energy has set up a webpage with information about the project where the
public can learn more at