International Marketing & AgTech

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With our recent creation of the Research Triangle AgTech Cluster, we continue to see momentum and collaboration across the industry.

This fall, RTRP traveled to Belgium and the Netherlands to meet with academic institutions, companies and economic development organizations involved in Life Sciences, Medical Technologies, and Agriculture Technologies.

One of the highlights from those visits was the meeting with Wageningen University, which is considered to be one of the top Agtech Universities in the world.

They call themselves Wageningen University and Research, however, the university and the research center are two, separate components:

Wageningen University

  • Students from over 100 countries
  • 2000 PhD candidates
  • Plant Sciences Group and Animal Science Group

Wageningen Research

  • Concentrate on applied research
  • 2500 faculty and staff
  • Works very closely with the Ministry of Agriculture

The thing that is most impressive are the number of companies that are on the campus.

Wageningen is funded through the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and recently began the One Planet Initiative. One Planet was created to address the challenges of feeding a growing population, and dovetails perfectly with NC State’s Plant Science Initiative. Wageningen is also home to over 200 AgTech companies and 30 start-ups.