IQVIA Initiative Gives COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to Global Data

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Research Triangle Park-based contract research giant IQVIA has launched a program that waives licensing and access fees for approved academic researchers as part of its efforts to accelerate research on how COVID-19 is impacting the healthcare industry and related treatment.

“The recent COVID-19 pandemic has created both immediate and long-term consequences for people and health systems around the world,” said Murray Aitken, executive director of the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science.

IQVIA launched the institute in October 2019 to provide companies and researchers around the world with access to the company’s institutional knowledge, analytics, technology and data. With this information, researchers have access to information that will provide insight into how health systems around the world function, how treatment is evolving and how care is being delivered.

“IQVIA aspires to join the fight against the impact of COVID-19 by applying human data science to support research activities related to health system issues in collaboration with the world’s leading academic researchers,” added Aitken. “By waiving licensing and access fees, we can help accelerate evidence-based, COVID-19-related learning.”

The Human Data Science Research Collaborative, led by IQVIA Human Data Science, provides academic researchers access to two of the company’s data technology platforms that can provide insight into the challenges and opportunities created by COVID-19.

E360 is a Software as a Service, or SaaS, technology platform. That’s a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. It frees users from installing and maintaining software. Instead, they can simply access it via the Internet, avoiding complex software and hardware management. E360 can be used to perform scalable analytics from global, real-world data. Using E360, researchers will have access to anonymous patient data from the U.S, France, Germany and the U.K.

IQVIA’s SMART platform provides data that allows researchers to draw insights on how COVID-19 is impacting prescriptions, sales volumes, promotional and managed care market access, as well as medical device and supply tracking.

This data within these platforms will provide needed insight on how the healthcare industry is reacting and adapting to the impact of COVID-19.

“We believe that the IQVIA technology platforms and analytics provide extraordinary resources for conducting collaborative research that can generate evidence and insights about the transformation of health systems in the COVID-19 era,” said Aitken.

Original Article Source: NC Biotech