Relay Partners with Bandwidth to Connect Customers to 911 Nationwide

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RALEIGH, N.C.Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Relay, the smarter phone for kids, announced a partnership with Bandwidth, a software company focused on communications for the enterprise, to route 911 calls initiated by the Relay, a screen-free smartphone for kids that operates like a walkie-talkie. Relay leverages Bandwidth’s E911 Dynamic Location Routing, nationwide 911 network, and flexible APIs to connect concerned parents with emergency services where their child’s device is located. This launch will make Relay the only kids’ communication device on the market that gives parents the power to send emergency help to their child’s location, and share that location with first responders.

Serious delays can occur when a 911 call is sent to a public safety agency that can not respond to the incident. Relay, powered by Bandwidth, is a significant improvement over traditional wireless 911, where calls will route to public safety call centers based on where the caller is located and not necessarily where the emergency has occurred. When every second counts, Relay quickly connects concerned parents with local first responders best able to assist their child. This essential help may be across town, across a state, or even across the country.

“Our Relay families are looking for peace of mind.  And, if their child is in trouble, this feature, enabled by Bandwidth’s technology will give them just that.  For parents, it truly is a game-changer,” said Jon Schniepp, SVP of Marketing for Relay. “Our hope would be that a child would never have to use this feature but providing this added level of safety is a great reassurance for parents during these unpredictable times.”

How it Works
Relay users can activate the feature on the Relay app starting today. A child in an emergency can press the center button 5 times quickly (demonstrated in this video). This action sends an SOS alert to the Relay app of all adults on the account, accompanied by an alarm that sounds at maximum volume. Once the parent or caregiver communicates with the child to assess the situation, the adult can then resolve the SOS alert, or escalate it to call 911.

Relay’s GPS tracking paired with Bandwidth’s dynamic routing ensures that the emergency call is placed to the right dispatch center.  The dispatcher will also be able to see the location information of the Relay that initiated the SOS.

“More and more we’re using apps and IoT devices to call for emergency help. E911 Dynamic Location Routing built on Bandwidth’s software-enabled network can help public safety reach people in need faster. We’re thrilled to see the safety, security, and peace of mind Relay can bring to children and their adult caregivers when they’re apart,” said John Bell, Chief Product Officer at Bandwidth. “Both of our organizations are deeply committed to harnessing the latest innovative technologies that can connect families and communities with the first responders who can help them in a crisis.”

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About Relay
Relay is a screen-free smartphone that kids love and parents trust. The device is as easy to use as a walkie talkie and connects seamlessly to both nationwide 4G LTE and WiFi networks, which gives it unlimited nationwide range. Relay is designed to consider safety first with GPS tracking, GEO fencing and SOS capabilities. The device is durable, water-resistant, and ensures that customer data is never stored or monetized in any way.

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About Bandwidth
Bandwidth (NASDAQ: BAND) is a software company focused on communications for the enterprise. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, and RingCentral use Bandwidth’s APIs to easily embed voice, messaging and 911 access into software and applications. Bandwidth is the first and only CPaaS provider offering a robust selection of communications APIs built around their own nationwide IP voice network–one of the largest in the nation. More information is available at


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